Financial Pressure-bearing, the Policy of European Central Bank may Trends to Relax (I)

Italian double pressure-bearing, both exists advantages and disadvantages

A number of data show that the economic risk of Italy, the third largest economy in the Eurozone, remains the same. In 2019, it will remain a major hidden danger in the Eurozone. According to reports, the current Italian economy is under pressure from both inside and outside. On the one hand, this export-oriented country is facing a slowdown in external demand; on the other hand, Mini Electric Scooter Manufacturer in China the implementation of the domestic joint government budget is full of challenges. According to the latest statistics from the Italian official statistics agency, the unemployment rate in the country rose slightly in January this year, and the economic growth rate in 2018 fell to 0.9% from 1.6% in the previous year. Lange, an analyst at the agency IG, said that although Italy’s 10-year bond yields have dropped significantly, the market is not stable under internal and external pressure. The European Commission recently released an annual assessment report on the economic and social conditions of EU member states, pointing out that the current Italian government budget is deteriorating, the reform process is stagnant, and it will have a negative impact on productivity, GDP growth and public finance sustainability, and its economic development prospects are not allowed. optimism.Mini Electric Scooter Suppliers in China

The report also pointed out that Italy’s high public debt and long-term weak productivity have constituted cross-border risks for its EU neighbors and characterized the Italian economy as ”excessive imbalance”, which is the worst degree in the EU’s economic evaluation system for member states.

In October last year, due to Italy’s insistence on increasing the fiscal deficit to GDP ratio, the EU had turn down the budget case of Italian 2019 at the first time. At that time, the EU pointed out that Italy’s debt to GDP ratio reached 131.2% in 2017, equivalent to 37,000 euros per person. The interest expense for the year was about 65.5 billion euros, equivalent to 3.8% of GDP. In addition, according to the latest data released by the European Central Bank, Italian banks bought a total of 11 billion euros of Italian government bonds in January 2019. This is the largest monthly purchase of Italian banks since the Italian bond plunged last June. However, in December 2018, here Italian banks also threw a total of 17 billion euros of Italian government bonds. The Italian economy and sovereign debt situation will have an important impact on the euro zone banking industry, because in addition to the domestic financial institutions holding more than 200 billion euros of bonds, BNP Paribas and the French Agricultural Credit Bank also hold a total of 250 billion euros of Italian sovereign debt. Previously, Italy had predicted that its public debt would continue to decline in 2019, but the latest EU report concluded that the domestic public debt in Italy will continue to rise. The data shows that as of December 2018, the Italian public debt scale was 2,316.7 billion euros.

The First Anniversary of Hawking’s Death: He Answered These Problems During His Lifetime (I)

On March 14, 2018, the world-famous physicist and professor of the University of Cambridge, Stephen Hawking, finished his legendary life at the age of 76. Before Hawking, scientists, technology entrepreneurs, senior business people, and even political leaders and the public often asked him about his “big questions.” He answered in the form of speeches, interviews, and essays. These answers were kept in one A huge personal file.

His literary remains of Brief Answers to the Big Questions comes from this file. According to Hawking’s daughter Lucy Hawking, this is Hawking’s “a project in the last year on Earth”, “He want to put his current writing into a book.” But Hawking himself failed to complete the work. After Hawking’s death, the book was completed with the cooperation of his academic colleagues,electric scooter for Adult family and Stephen Hawking Heritage Management.

Why do we have to ask big questions? Why do humans always want to know the answers to these questions? In the book, Hawking tells about his fascination with physics, cosmology, the universe and the future of mankind. Mini electric scooter manufacturer He hopes to answer some questions and get close to the ultimate answer through his own theoretical physics. Although for most people, scientific knowledge is always too complicated, Hawking hopes that he can “put his basic ideas in a clear way and without equations, and most people can understand and appreciate”, This is what he strive to do in all his life.

We abstracted some answers from the Bried Answers to the Big Questions, although they are restricted by the words, we can still understand Hawking’s enthusiasm, thoughts and concern for the universe, the spirit for science and the future of mankind. Some of these views have attracted some arguments, but it is still the thinkers’ value voice in this planet.

I’m coincide with the stereotype of handicapped talents.” For my colleagues, I’m only a physicist, but for the more widely citizens, maybe I’m one of the world-famous physicists. A part of reasons are physicists are not famous rock stars and I’m coincide with the stereotype of handicapped talents.Mini electric scooter supplier I can’t pretend myself with wigs and sunglasses – the wheelchair exposes me. It is well known and easy to identify, but it has its advantages and disadvantages, but the advantages far exceed the disadvantages. People seem really happy to see me. When I opened the Paralympic Games in London in 2012, I had the most audience I have ever had. I live an extraordinary life on this planet, I use the whimsy and physical laws to cross the universe. I have been to the farthest point of the Milky Way, traveled into a black hole, and returned to the beginning of time. On this earth, I experienced climax and trough, turmoil and tranquility, success and pain. I have been poor, have enjoyed prosperity, have been healthy, and have a disability. I have been praised and criticized, but I have never been ignored.