The Most Important Stage Of Children’s Education

In the course of all people’s growth, from birth to adulthood, they have to go through many different stages. It is also the process of continuous “regeneration” and gradual progress that enables children to grow up, from ignorance to broad knowledge, step by step towards a better future. Although human beings can not decide their own growth process, they can study the development process and solve the various problems in the development process skillfully. square steel tubing

People say, “Growth is a process of continuous regeneration.” How to explain this sentence?

In fact, from birth to adulthood in this process of development, people’s psychological growth will go through several different stages, there are clear boundaries between each stage, and the performance of psychological activities in each stage is not the same. What is more interesting is that each stage of psychological growth is closely related to different stages of physical growth.

Between different stages of growth and development, psychological changes are very obvious. tin plate suppliers At the end of one psychological growth stage, another psychological growth stage follows, each stage lays the foundation for the next stage.

In order to ensure the normal development of the next stage, it is necessary that there is no deviation in the development of the previous stage. Like butterflies, from larvae to adults, they must spin, cocoon-knot and silk-pull before they can finally break cocoons into butterflies and fly. In this process, no matter what link goes wrong, it will bring the chain reaction behind, and even cause a lifetime of regret.

At this stage, children’s psychological types are consistent. This stage is divided into two stages. The first stage is 0-3 years old, and the second stage is 3-6 years old.

0 to 3 years old

That is, the mental embryonic development stage after the birth of a baby, all kinds of abilities develop independently, such as language, hand movement, leg movement, etc. Some sensory abilities have gradually formed, and various control abilities of psychology have also emerged independently. However, various organs have not yet fully developed. Since we cannot directly influence the children in this period, we still can’t understand their psychological activities till now. Children at this stage can not enter school to study, in fact, Steel Pipe Suppliers even if they want to go to school, there is no school to accept them.

3 to 6 years old

At this stage, the psychological type of children has not changed much, but the personality of children has emerged and is very vulnerable to the influence of people around them. Perhaps this change is not very obvious, parents did not feel.