Mistakes and purchase guides for home textile products

Home textiles, also known as decorative textiles, together with apparel textiles and industrial textiles constitute the world of textiles. As an important category in textiles, Home Textiles Suppliers products are called “soft decoration” in the decoration of the living room, which plays a decisive role in the environment.

It has come all the way from the traditional daily needs of covering, covering, covering and washing. Today’s home textile industry has a multi-functional consumption style of fashion, personality, health care, home textiles, textile industry. Home decoration and space decoration are gradually becoming the new favorite of the market.

Mistakes and purchase guides for home textile products

Mistakes in the purchase of home textile products:

Misunderstanding 1:The cloth of 30 and 40 is very poor.

The vast majority of the market is 30, 40, the other is 20 (cloth is very thick), 60, 80, 100; the higher the count, the higher the price; the same density of 30, 40 count The difference is that the thickness of the fabric is different, and the 30 pieces are thicker than the 40 pieces.

Misunderstanding 2: The more the count, the better, the higher the count, the thicker the cloth, the higher the count, the denser the cloth!

Not necessarily, the same density, the high count is good, the higher the density, the denser the cloth; the lower the count, the thicker the yarn, the thicker the cloth; the thinner the thinner! But the higher the count, the better.

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Purchase experience of home textile products:

In 2013, the main product of the market was 40 cotton. If you listen to a business that says you are 60 cotton or even 80, you should be careful. First of all, you have to look at the price, 60 cotton fabrics, the purchase price is basically five or sixty, a 4 piece set bedding set suppliers, with less than 9 meters of cloth, plus manual fees, you calculate, the cost is also five or six hundred, If the monopoly is less than eight hundred, then don’t think about it, it must be fake.

If it is 80, then don’t believe it, because the more the count, the more delicate the cloth, and the denser the cloth will be. If the cotton cloth is 80, it will be difficult to get wet because it is too dense. It is.

In fact, 40 of the life is enough, the cloth feels very good.

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