Galvanized square tube

The galvanized square tube is a new type of galvanized square tube on the market in recent years. Galvanized tube, economical and practical, can save you a lot of cost!

The galvanized square pipe is a hollow square-section steel pipe having a square cross-sectional shape and a shape obtained by hot-rolling or cold-rolling a galvanized steel strip or a galvanized coil as a cold-formed billet and then high-frequency welding.galvanized steel pipe supplier Or a galvanized square tube made of cold formed hollow steel tube which is prepared in advance and then hot dip galvanized.

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Galvanized belt square tube characteristics:

Zinc plating has greater protection and strong corrosion resistance. The entire structure consists of zinc, forming a dense quaternary crystal that forms a barrier on the steel sheet to effectively prevent the penetration of corrosion factors. Corrosion resistance comes from the barrier function of zinc. When zinc is sacrificed in the dressing, scratching and scraping of the coating, the zinc forms an insoluble oxide layer which acts as a barrier.

The use of Galvanized square tube:

Since the galvanized square tube is galvanized on the square tube, the application range of the galvanized square tube is greatly expanded compared with the square tube. Mainly used for curtain wall, construction, machinery manufacturing, steel structure engineering, steel structure support, steel structure engineering, billboards, agricultural machinery, furniture tubes, etc.

Calculate the theoretical weight per square meter of galvanized square tube:

4 * (side length – thickness) * 0.00785 × 1.06 * Thickness, where the side length and wall thickness are in millimeters, this value is directly substituted into the above formula, that is, the weight per square meter, in

For a square tube of 30 x 30 x 2.5 mm, the weight per meter can be calculated as follows: 4 x 2.5 x (30-2.5) x 7.85 = 275 x 7.85 = 2,158.75 grams, or about 2.16 kg.

When the wall thickness and side length are in millimeters, 4 × wall thickness x (side length – wall thickness) is calculated as the volume of the square tube per meter length, in cubic centimeters, multiplied by the specific gravity of 7.85 per cubic meter of iron. The gram is the weight of kilograms per square meter.