The three-dimensional leaving gadget

The three-dimensional leaving gadget utilizes a vehicle to lift or cross the vehicle Smart Independent Vertical Parking System. Each parking spot has a stacking plate, the upper bearer plate just plays out the lifting activity, and the ground layer transporter plate just plays out the cross activity.

There is an opportunity in the ground floor, and the opening can be changed left and ideal with the crossing of the stacking plate, so the upper bearer plate relating to the dry lower opening is brought down to the ground, so the vehicle enters or leaves the leaving space,crane leaving framework. For the lower deck, the vehicle can drive legitimately into or out of the parking spot.

Highlights of three-dimensional stopping gadget: PLC astute control. It can address the issues of clients in brief and short, medium and long haul.

The activity is straightforward, access to the vehicle is quick.

with the common development to do little pit configuration, making the vehicle increasingly agreeable and advantageous.

There are different structures, the scale can be enormous or little, and the flexibility to the site is solid, adequately sparing area and space.

It very well may be utilized for the development of office space, three-dimensional carport of living quarters and the extension of existing storm cellar level parking structure.

The development cost is low, the hardware is sheltered and dependable, and the upkeep cost is low; the gear can be separately joined to adjust to various territories and spaces.