The photovoltaic platform rooftop framework

The photovoltaic platform rooftop framework was worked in the beginning time, focusing on the structure sort of the rooftop, and the tile structure is as yet the shading steel tile Steel h beam H section steel for solar structure. Set up the essential estimation and investigation instruments. Comprehend the important data for the development, get the house structure guide, and help to figure point by point parameters, for example, rooftop load.

Distinguish the direction and direction of the rooftop, the slanted perspective, etc. The size of the rooftop structure, for example, the tile type, the tile scale, the measurements and separation of the fundamental pillar, the shaft, etc. Completely study and develop the encompassing condition, for example, deterrents. Comprehend future arranging between locales to encourage long haul utilization of the stent system.

Photovoltaic help configuration arranging steps :

1, photovoltaic section square cluster structure

The position and arrangement edge of the PV module square framework, azimuth and tendency edge figuring ought to be considered in mix with the accompanying necessities: congruity consistency and maximumity. The tendency and azimuth should be reliable.

2, the estimation of stent quality

The structure of the photovoltaic help needs that the help can endure different burdens, and the material determination and amount of the help ought to be considered, and the quality ought to be resolved.

3, establishing lightning security

Avoiding lightning strikes and framework spillage causes different wellbeing mishaps. Hence, it is important to install the establishing body in the establishment development. Moreover, lightning bars are additionally important. It is viewed as that the establishment is best joined to the region of the circulation room and the establishing body to encourage establishment and obsession.

4, Geographical area

Decide the geological area of the mounting section, situated in the north scope, east longitude, and so on so as to pick the best point.

5, climatic conditions

Comprehend the fundamental states of the nearby spring, summer, harvest time and winter seasons, temperature, precipitation, wind, and so forth., to guarantee that the structure is sensible.

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