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Explosion-proof electric hoist has to undergo rigorous testing before leaving the factory due to the special application environment and high safety requirements. The test contents of explosion-proof electric hoist mainly include type test, routine test, medium test and sampling test. Best Electric Cable Hoists Manufacturer,Life test, endurance test, which is the test that must be carried out before each qualified explosion-proof electric hoist leaves the factory.

Routine test: Also called the factory test, the test performed on each device or device of the explosion-proof electric hoist during or after completion to determine whether the device or device meets certain standards.

Explosion-proof electric hoist

Type test: A test performed on an explosion-proof electric hoist manufactured in accordance with a design requirement to verify that the design requirements meet certain specifications.

Life test: A test to determine the life expectancy of an explosion-proof electric hoist under specified conditions, or a test to evaluate the life characteristics of an analytical product, is a destructive test.

Media test: It is a general term for various tests to test the electrical properties of a medium, including: insulation, static electricity, and withstand voltage.

Sampling test: Several samples randomly selected from the explosion-proof electric hoist are also tested to determine whether the sample meets certain criteria.

Tolerance test: Tests on explosion-proof electric hoists, such as repeated operations, short circuits, overvoltages, vibrations, shocks, etc., under specified conditions, including specific operations taken for a certain period of time, are destructive tests.

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