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The “four-piece cotton” usually refers to the four-piece bedding set in people’s daily life. The four-piece cotton set is: quilt cover *1 bed sheet *1 pillowcase *2 together combined into four sets of cotton Quilt Core Manufacturers(material is mainly cotton.)

Common fabric of “four-piece cotton”

1.Satin jacquard fabric

The difference between jacquard and ordinary printed and dyed fabric: the common printed fabric is printed on the fabric with various bright patterns, while the fabric itself has no pattern and color. Because the color pattern is printed and dyed, it will As the number of cleanings increases, it becomes white or gray, and the jacquard fabric is the fabric manufacturer who weaves the flowers on it. Therefore, its flower patterns are unlikely to be washed away by water, and their requirements for raw materials are relatively high. Density should be more dense (relative to the quality of the work in the weaving process to cut corners, there will be no original appearance, which is also a certain factor in the choice of the clarity of the pattern at the time of purchase) the biggest advantage of the jacquard fabric It is a natural color, simple, and easy to match with furniture. It is comparable to ordinary printed fabrics.

Four-piece cotton

2.Brushed fabric

The sanding fabric is a kind of high-grade combed cotton, which is dyed and finished first, and then exquisitely sanded and crafted. It is soft, comfortable, rich in texture, strong in drape, easy to care, and full of suede. It attracts consumers especially when it is used. It is a warm, soft and comfortable feeling. The color is as new as ever because of The craftsmanship is unique, the sanding bedding will not fade and pilling, it is much better than the average cotton fabric, and the weight is much heavier than the average cotton material. The thick and soft makes you love it; the printing and dyeing method uses active printing and dyeing, the color is bright and will not fade the ball!

3.Long-staple cotton

The difference between long-staple cotton and other cotton is like the difference between cashmere and wool. Long-staple cotton is native to South America and later spread to the southeastern coastal islands of North America, hence the name Sea Island Cotton. Long-staple cotton is a raw material for the development and production of fine, fine and thin high-grade new textiles. Its inherent quality is good (the fiber body length is 33mm or more, the fiber specific strength is 27g/tex or more, and the micronaire value is 3.5-4.2). The price is 1.6 times or more of ordinary fine cotton, which is mainly used for spinning high count yarns, and its product added value is high. Compared with fine-staple cotton, long-staple cotton has the characteristics of low output, high value and increasing demand. The quality of Xinjiang long-staple cotton is excellent, and all quality indicators exceed the national standards. It is especially good in Turpan, its fiber is long, white and shiny, and its elasticity is good. The world’s long-staple cotton producing areas are in the United States, Egypt, and China. China’s Xinjiang output is about 70,000 tons, while the domestic annual demand is more than 150,000 tons, and there is a trend of increasing year by year. As the only long-staple cotton producing area in China, Xinjiang is only suitable for planting in the Turpan Basin and the Tarim Basin in Aksu, Bayingo, Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture and parts of Turpan.

4.Small jacquard active printing

Satin satin + active printing: due to the use of 100% combed cotton as the fabric, authentic 133*72 high-density fabric, so it is particularly soft in hand; full-active printing and dyeing, will not fade the pilling; exquisite printed twill pattern ,meticulous work. Only the small jacquard fabric is called because the front of the quilt is the jacquard process, and the reverse side is the printing process. Compared with the general active printing and dyeing, the craft has improved, and the comfort and feel of the fabric are higher.

5.Jacquard active printing

The jacquard case formed by the warp and weft changes during the weaving of the jacquard fabric has a fine yarn count and is extremely demanding on the raw cotton. The bedding made by this kind of craft has a strong three-dimensional effect, looks more vivid, fresh, and has higher grades, and the hand feels quite soft, can not afford the ball, does not fade, making your living room look more warm With romance, it will add a bit of comfort and comfort to your home life. With absolute full-activity printing, it does not fade the pilling.

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