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As human since ancient time till now we always try to explore and seek new things pushed by human’s curiosity. This pace never be stopped till now. Only this way may help us to develop and progress from primitive life with simple tools to present life with advanced technology. There is a great historical figure, his name is Christopher Columbus. By this time let us know about him deeply.


Christopher Columbus (Spanish: Cristbal Coln; Italian: Cristoforo Colombo), autumn 1450/1451 – 20th May, 1506, explorer, colonist, navigator, born in the medieval Republic Di Genoa (now northwest Italy). The background was that the West grew stronger. The European kingdoms began economic competition and expanded their wealth by establishing trade routes and colonies. Columbo’s westward voyage to the East Indies was supported by the Spanish royal family.metal coil suppliers

Although Columbus was not the first European explorer to arrive in America (the first European explorer to arrive in America was Leiv Eriksson), but Columbus’s voyage brought the first sustained contact between Europe and the Americas, and ushered in an era of European exploration and colonization of overseas territories for centuries to come. These have immeasurable influence on the historical development of the modern western world. During Columbus’s first voyage in 1492, he landed at a place he called “San Salvador” in the Bahamas, not in planned Japan. During the next three voyages, Columbus arrived in the Greater Antilles, the Lesser Antilles, Venezuela on the Caribbean coast, and Central America and declared them the territory of the Spanish Empire.

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