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Choosing kids bedding set is the biggest headache for parents, and children’s bedding is always confusing. How to choose children’s bedding, after all, this is a problem that many parents are entangled, you can choose the following three principles to choose.

Principle 1: Bright and lively

Children’s innocence and sweetness, they are destined to use bespoke must have bright colors, cute cartoon patterns, for boys, girls’ preferences are different, like the color is different, if it is a boy, choose blue, white, Yellow, etc. If the girl can choose some softer colors such as pink, light blue, lavender, etc., this is natural. Parents can consider this aspect when they choose.

Kid's bedding selection principles and required items

Principle 2: Good reputation and guarantee

Let’s take a look at the story behind the brand! Of course, this seems to be a lot of trouble, but in order to give the child a guarantee of health, such homework is also essential. Understand the brand’s credibility in the consumer, the degree of attention, and whether the concept of brand appeal is in line with the child’s physical and mental development. These are all essential.

Principle 3: Natural environmental protection

The choice of children’s products is higher than the requirements of general items. One is green, and the most natural and environmentally friendly.

The required items of Kid’s bedding Home Textiles Manufacturer:

1.Pillows, you can use a small towel to make a pillow, but also pay attention to not let the baby sleep sideways, and can not just sleep in one direction, so that the baby can only look at one direction. A styling pillow can be used after three months.

2.The quilt must be prepared. Of course, it depends on the season. If you are born in the summer, you can be rushed. But it will still be used after all. The baby should cover his own special quilt. Even if there is a sleeping bag, it is necessary to add a quilt, so there must be one.

3.The mattress can be bought for special use, or it can be folded into square for air conditioning. Homemade can also be. There are usually no ones in the bed.

4.The multi-piece set is essential for the baby’s bed and the material is preferably soft cotton.

5.Mosquito nets are still needed in summer. Usually buy a bed will be sent.

6.Sheets can also be bought with a piece of cloth. Have more than two, in case you need to change. Large bath towels are also available.

7.Bed circumference, sometimes the light is too strong during the day, or the light is too bright at night, also used to block the light. More importantly, prevent the baby from putting his hands and feet out of the bed.

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