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First of all, the bracket should have good weather resistance. Because the solar panels are installed outdoors, the bracket needs long-term contact with air and rain. If the bracket has low weather resistance, it will be prone to quality problems after a period of installation. It will also seriously affect the absorption and utilization of Steel h beam for solar structure solar energy, so tolerance is one of the selection criteria.

Secondly, we must pay attention to the robustness of the photovoltaic support. The solidity of the support is actually related to many factors, such as the relationship with the materials, and the processing method of the support. Therefore, when selecting the support, you should pay attention to the formality. Manufacturers to buy, so as to ensure the quality of the production of the product.

When installing solar panels, PV brackets are generally required. Solar panels are mainly used to absorb sunlight. However, in order to absorb solar energy more easily, it is necessary to fix the solar panel in a certain area. The main function is to fix the solar panel. Although the structure of the bracket is very simple, the application of the bracket is very important and directly determines the absorption effect of solar energy.

After using the PV bracket for some time, some brackets may have some quality problems. At this time, the user must replace it in time to avoid the stability of the solar panel due to the quality problem of the bracket. When the bracket is selected, Users also need to follow a certain method. First of all, pay attention to the tensile strength of the stent. The tensile strength of the stent is directly related to the yield point. If the yield point of the stent is relatively high, the self-weight of the stent will be relatively small, so that the stent is also relatively economical in terms of material selection. Quality problems are not prone to occur during use.

In addition, the toughness of the photovoltaic support is also very important. Some of the brackets are prone to breakage during installation and use mainly because of the low toughness. If the candidate ratio is good when the bracket is made, or the composition ratio of the material is not suitable, this time will be Affect the toughness of the stent. The bracket with better toughness will not be damaged even if it encounters external impact after installation, so users should pay attention to the toughness of the product when purchasing the bracket.

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