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If you look closely, you will find that at some age, we will slowly stop the game and become adaptive to take responsibility and complete what needs to be done.

If you observe or be with children, you will feel the laughter and tears they are immersed in, so real and pure. In front of your child, you have the ability to be more present: watching their activities, conversations, humor and the most important games.

If our adults can integrate into our daily lives like children, we can become more and more free to live. When the heart softens, we can truly feel, connect and smile. Children are emotionally connected through the game. As we grow, we become more analytical and relationships become more challenging. We can often stop feeling after the honeymoon phase and then begin to feel lost. Being in an analytical state of mind will suppress emotional feelings. What makes children connect in their relationships day in and day out?

The real experience, no matter what is done, is full of passion, will let us have a good moment, intercepting laughter and tears gives us a feeling of heart and heart. None of us have a perfect relationship. On the other hand, it is difficult to focus on the current situation.

There are so many distractions with technology and information overload.

How can we plant seeds to further connect us emotionally?

If we know another person without a preconceived view, we can make progress in a broader range of contacts. Sharing ideas, words and inspiring experiences will only make you more intimate. Mutual understanding will allow us to let go and organically lay down high expectations, which will release control and bring freedom.

To be free, it means that we have to reduce the burden, learn to let go, do not deliberately control all aspects of life, bring back a sense of game, experience, true listening and understanding will bring a true heart to heart.

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