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Because industrial machinery requires the operator to pay special attention to the safety hazard and careful operation, the crane is naturally no exception and requires the staff to be extra careful in the inspection of details and parts, and the single-girder bridge crane has been paying attention to this for many years. Overhead gantry for sale manufacturers,Built in the state. What are the precautions for operating a single girder bridge crane when choosing this craftsmanship?

What are the precautions for operating a single girder bridge crane

1.note that it is forbidden to drive the crane when driving in a non-lane lane.

Since the weight of the crane is not regulated by ordinary roads, it is forbidden to drive the ascending or non-motor vehicle lanes when operating a single girder bridge crane. This may cause unnecessary pressure on the ground of the road, resulting in a decrease in the life of the ground. And the sloppy attitude towards the operator’s use control state is also not conducive to doing this kind of activity.

2. pay attention to the driver should not leave the driver’s seat at will, resulting in distracting energy

Because some single-girder bridge crane workers may get off at some tired time, it is dangerous and the behavior of the staff is different, because of the different positions in the control and control of the crane. Control will adjust the energy, and the driver must stick to the post and should not be dismissed from the post. This kind of behavior leads to distraction.

3. pay attention to the careful inspection of tools such as rope spreaders before starting the machine.

Because the important point in the construction site is to check the safety of the tool, and the single girder bridge crane is a large machine for the construction operator, and it will not be stuck due to the change of a certain part during the operation. On the contrary, it will increase the safety hazard, so you can check the parts before proceeding to ensure that there is no problem before proceeding.Gantry Crane for Shield Tunneling Machine

A good choice for single girder bridge cranes is arranged by lifting tools for the entire working state and industrial conditions. The choice of single-girder bridge cranes not only requires that the cranes are not allowed to drive in the non-lane lanes, but also that the tools such as the rope spreaders must be carefully inspected before starting the machine, and that the driver should not leave the driver’s seat at will.

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