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A person’s life, one third of the time to sleep, if calculated according to the average life of 75 years, of which 25 years, was spent in bed.

Those who really have a taste for life will know how to spend money on things that enhance their happiness. Their clothes are not necessarily fashionable, but their bedding is definitely not bad.

A set of high-quality four-piece suits that will make people resurrect every morning! Horsepower is full of life!

A survey of 50 research articles, visited the brand bedding shop, organized the following four-piece selection guide for you, and enjoy the sleep experience of a five-star hotel at home!

Selection criteria for high quality four piece bedding set Manufacturer:

The four-piece set refers to one bed sheet + one quilt cover + two pillow cases. The indicators for determining the quality of the four-piece set are: warmth, skin-friendly, breathable, and washable and durable.

What's the difference between cheap and expensive four-piece beds

1) Warmth

The more and more dense the fabric, the more static air can be stored, and the better the warmth. The four-piece warmth keeps the heat generated by the human body in the bed and isolates the cold air from the outside.

2) Skin-friendly

Skin-friendly refers to the comfort of the skin when it comes into contact with the fabric. The softer the fabric, the better the skin-friendlyness. It will be very comfortable to cover and has no foreign body sensation. The skin-friendly four-piece set will give you the feeling of sleeping in the clouds.

3) Breathability

When people are sleeping, they will sweat. The four sets of poorly ventilated will sleep more and more damp and hot, and the skin can’t breathe, which is easy to cause various skin diseases. Breathability is determined by the four-piece material. If the breathability is good, wake up will be refreshing and refreshing.


Advantages: good air permeability, good skin-friendly, anti-static.

Disadvantages: easy to wrinkle, shrink, deformation.

100% pure/cotton is the best when choosing a cotton four-piece suit.

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