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Summer is the reason for the peak season of PV module installation: good sunshine conditions, high energy consumption, heat insulation effect, mitigation of voltage, energy saving and emission reduction. The return on investment in photovoltaic power generation is often an important reference factor in decision making. The power generation capacity of a photovoltaic power station is related to it. Steel Profile Manufacturers,Therefore, summer has become the peak season for photovoltaic power generation for the following reasons:

1, heat insulation effect

The actual case shows that the roof of the household photovoltaic module power generation equipment has a certain heat insulation effect, which can play the effect of “warm winter and cool summer”. Taking the summer cooling effect as an example, the indoor temperature of the photovoltaic roof can be reduced by 3 to 5 degrees, and the energy consumption of the air conditioner can be significantly reduced when the building temperature is adjusted.

2, relieve the voltage

Through the installation of photovoltaic power plants, the “self-use, Internet surplus” mode is adopted to sell electricity to the country and alleviate the voltage used in society.

3, good sunshine conditions

Photovoltaic modules will have different power generation capacities under different sunshine conditions, and summer is the best season for sunshine in a year. But there are still heat problems. Studies have shown that too high a surface temperature of the component can also affect the power generation capability of the component. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the good ventilation of the components in summer. However, do not use water to cool the assembly, otherwise the glass of the assembly may crack due to temperature differences.

4, high energy consumption

Summer is the season when households use electricity. Photovoltaic power plants can be installed and used for photovoltaic power generation, saving electricity costs.omega profile steel manufacturer

5, energy saving and emission reduction effect

Since the current energy structure is still dominated by thermal power, in the peak period of summer, thermal power plants are naturally at full capacity, carbon emissions have also increased, and the corresponding summer haze weather has begun to become more serious. Therefore, the promotion and installation of household photovoltaic module power generation equipment in summer can increase the proportion of clean energy in power supply, which is conducive to energy conservation and emission reduction.

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